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    Guernicus Hamilcar

    L’annonces des prochaines publications de TDM
    La campagne « taskienne » est bien avancée ainsi qu’un livret sur le monde de Thennla.
    Notons aussi un appétissant Book’of Qu’est II !

    Maître des clés

    Mythras Core Rules – finishing up layout and then proofing. There’s some added content, plus, with the new layout, this is a much more space-efficient – and therefore lower page count – book.

    Mythras Imperative – a super secret project I can’t talk about much now, but will be able to shortly.

    Mythras Super Secret Project #2 – something we’ve never done before and quite excited about. More on this soon (and no, it’s not Conan/Elric/Artesia or anything like that. It’s a play-aid).

    Mythic Rome – Art’s being commissioned, editing is done, next it’s layout.

    Taskan Campaign – We’ve had this for quite a while, and need to get it into print. I want to commission some additional art for it and then into layout.

    Thennla Guide – a free PDF guide to Thennla; a handy summary booklet for GMs, plus a good intro to the world. It’s not new material per se, but reorganized into a handy gazetteer.

    Luther Arkwright – Parallel Lines – an 8 scenario campaign for Luther Arkwright. Characters travel from the witch trials of Salem to the depths of Atlantic; they get to investigate spacecraft, trans-parallel portals, weird bridges and the vast open marsh of the the Kamarg (yes, that spelling is intentional). They will travel in the Van, in airships, in huge, tank-like caravans, and the Trans-Siberian Express. They will investigate strange powers, political conspiracies, psi research, mad schemes, mad men and even a sinister fancy dress costume store…

    Mythic Britain: Logres – Paul Mitchener’s Mythic Britain supplement from the Saxon perspective, complete with a mini-campaign and lots of background information on Logres and its people – the Angles, Jutes and Saxon invaders.

    Book of Quests II – a collection of scenarios that can be slotted into any campaign or linked together to form their own. These adventures are based around Meeros and also in The Realm.

    Mythic Constantinople – Mark Shirley is helming this project, taking a very different approach to the fall of the Eternal City and adventuring within it.

    Mythic Greece – Pete’s already at work on this one.

    Boudiou, ça fait un sacré paquets de bouquins !

2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)
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